Lightning Address Labels

Lightning Address Labels is an application integrated with Square that enables sellers to print addresses from their orders onto label sheet templates made by Avery, Dymo, and other manufacturers, using a laser/inkjet printer or a direct thermal label printer.

Based on the orders selected by the user, the application generates a PDF file formatted for a specific label sheet template, which can be printed onto labels immediately or downloaded for later.

Here’s how to get started

  1. Sign in to Lightning Address Labels (or create a free account if you’re new).
  2. Connect your Square store: This allows the app to access your order details. Go to your Profile page and click “Connect.”
  3. Tell the app about your labels:
    • Using label sheets? (Grid of labels on a sheet of paper)
      • Choose a built-in template based on the brand and number.
      • If your template isn’t listed, create your own by entering the dimensions.
    • Using a label printer? (Roll of sequential labels)
      • Simply enter the width and height of your labels.
  4. Pick your orders: Select the orders or fulfillments you need address labels for.
  5. Fine-tune & Print! Adjust font size or style if needed. Click “Create PDF” and then follow the printing instructions.
Lightning Address Labels

Lightning Address Labels lets users of Square print address labels or mailing labels automatically using label sheet templates from Avery and more or label printers made by Dymo or others.

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